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At Praline’s Backyard Foundation, we’re on a mission to stand by the side of domestic violence survivors and help them escape abuse. We understand the unique challenges survivors face, and we’re here to ensure that their furry family members have a safe and loving refuge during times of transition.

More than 65% of domestic violence survivors say that one of the things that delayed them leaving a relationship was due to not having a safe solution for their pet.

That is where we come in.

Praline’s Backyard Foundation provides free pet boarding for people fleeing domestic violence so that they can seek safety for the whole family. Through our growing network of boarding facilities and foster homes across the country, we are able to help provide a temporary safe haven for pets during the transition into a new life for the whole family.

We believe in the power of community and the strength that comes from standing together. Join us in our mission to empower and support domestic violence survivors and their pets. Whether you’re a pet lover, a potential foster parent, or a business eager to make a difference, there’s a place for you in our ever-growing family.

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Growing a Safety Net

Praline’s Backyard Foundation began in 2021 while our founder, Orazie Cook, was volunteering at a domestic violence shelter, in tandem to working with pets. This experience highlighted the urgent need for pet safety in domestic violence situations. Recognizing the scarcity of pet-friendly options in most domestic violence shelters, she set out to change that. Initially assisting with a couple of pets each month, our impact has grown exponentially. Our goal is to empower domestic violence survivors to leave their abusive situation, knowing that all members of their family have a soft place to land.

From humble beginnings, we now receive an average of 50 requests per month for housing assistance. On any given day, we have approximately 5 pets in boarding and over 45 in the care of our dedicated pet fosters. Our network has flourished, expanding from a handful of volunteers to over 30,000 strong, including a pivotal partnership with doobert.com, covering all 50 states.


No Matter Who You Are, You Can Make an Impact

Recognizing the important role
dogs play in our lives

We cannot do this work alone. From donations, volunteers, boarding facilities and foster homes, everyone is a crucial part of our mission. If you’re a pet boarding facility or pet foster that would like to help by providing temporary for the care and housing for the pets of domestic violence survivors in your community, we encourage you complete our Foster Contact Form. Together, we can make a difference and support those who have experienced domestic violence. If you can’t volunteer or donate, you can help by sharing our cause on social media.

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Meet our Board of Directors

With a wide range of life experience, our board works together to support survivors nationwide


Orazie Cook

President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Praline’s Backyard Foundation and Owner of Praline’s Backyard Doggie Daycare and Boarding  cage-free enrichment doggie daycare facility. A lifelong cocker spaniel lover and currently parenting Praline Pecan.


Joseph Heggins

Chief Operations Officer (COO) of Praline’s Backyard Foundation. A licensed psychotherapist. He has volunteered at local dog shelters providing counseling to staff and supporting the placement of foster dogs. He is the proud pet parent to Lulu, a beautiful English bulldog.


Donnie Perry

Chief of Staff to Praline’s Backyard Foundation and administrative support to all legal needs


Symmetris Gohanna

Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Praline’s Backyard Foundation with over 25 years of teaching and managing school operations from high school to college. Recently an empty nester,  her kids took her golden doodles when they left for college.

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